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About Our Palmistry classes ( Palmistry I and Palmistry II):

  • Six weeks in length
  • Two hours of class time per week
  • The cost is $150 per class

In what areas in my life can I make usage of the knowledge obtained from your Palmistry classes?

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Understanding myself
  • A better understanding of my children

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In relationships palmistry can assist in the following:

  • Understanding the personality and sexual expression of your partner
  • Energy, pleasure, and aggression in your partner
  • Compatibility in relationships
  • Emotional expressions, mental strength, and health

How can I utilize the knowledge obtained from the Palmistry classes in my workplace?

  • Understanding why your boss or co-workers express themselves in certain ways
  • Techniques in choosing employees for different positions
  • Method for understanding difficult co-workers

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What is the general makeup of each class?

  • Discussion of the topic of the week
  • Examples that depict the topic being discussed
  • Hands on practice on the other students in the class and teacher presented examples on the topics that were discussed
  • Class discussion of the topic covered or other related topics
  • Question and answer time - input from students in the class

What material does the Palmistry I class cover?

  • Week 1: Overview of the class, overall hand shape, approach to hand reading, palmistry book list, photographs of students hands (after class),
  • Week 2: Finger length, finger spacing, finger curving
  • Week 3: Finger nails, skin texture, mounts and their meanings
  • Week 4: Major lines of the palm
  • Week 5: Minor lines of the palm, finger print patterns
  • Week 6: How to put together the pieces of what has been learned previously, student practice

What material does the Palmistry II class cover?

  • Week 1: Overview of what is to be accomplished, how to look for patterns in hand reading
  • Week 2: Examples of different types of the major and minor lines
  • Week 3: The meaning of breaks, chains, islands, and depth on major lines
  • Week 4: What parts of the puzzle to start with, what patterns have the most significance
  • Week 5: Compatibility and relationships
  • Week 6: Student practice on people they have never met. Each student brings in one person to have their hands read. Student discussion of their experience!

If you have any further questions about our Palmistry classes please feel free to ask!

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