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About Our Numerology classes ( Numerology I and Numerology II):

  • Six weeks in length
  • Two hours of class time per week
  • The cost is $150 per class

In what areas in my life can I make usage of the knowledge obtained from your Numerology classes?

  • Relationships
  • Understanding myself
  • A better understanding of my children
Your spiritual journey starts here

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In relationships Numerology can assist in the following:

  • Understanding the basic drives and strengths of the personality of your partner and yourself
  • What parts of personality of yourself and your partner are in agreement and which are in conflict
  • Compatibility - How much effort is required to make this relationship work
  • Look into the future and see what is in store for you and your partner

Using Numerology to gain an understanding of what drives your children:

  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • What type of occupation would best suit them
  • Be aware of possible problems before they arise
  • By understanding your child's numbers you can assist them in making choices in life

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What is the general makeup of each class?

  • Teacher discussion of the topic of the week
  • Examples that depict the topic being discussed
  • Utilizing the students to give examples of personality types that match the numbers being discussed
  • Class discussion of the topic covered or other related topics
  • Question and answer time - input from students in the class

What material does the Numerology I class cover?

  • Week 1: Overview of the use of numerology, a brief history of numerology, basic meanings of numbers 1 through 5
  • Week 2: Basic Meanings of Numbers 6 through 9, basic intro to master numbers, learning the numerology chart for converting letters to numbers, calculation of birthdates
  • Week 3: Calculation of the Life Path number, Destiny number, Soul Urge number, and Personality number
  • Week 4: The Pythagorean Triangles - how it works, examples of usage, how to use the chart, the number of digits in each location, missing numbers, full lines
  • Week 5: Putting together the life path, destiny, birthday, and the Pythagorean triangles to make a reading
  • Week 6: Student practice on each other, asking for feedback while giving the reading, teacher interaction to give direction

What material does the Numerology II class cover?

  • Week 1: Overview of what is to be accomplished in Numerology II, examples of what will be taught using the students in the class being read as case studies, short review of what transpired in Numerology I, practice of what was previously learned
  • Week 2: Overview of how the letters of the alphabet are used in numerology, discussing first names and how the letters of the alphabet setup personality expressions
  • Week 3: Student interaction with the usage of names, practicing with the names of those in the class, discussion of how to analyze what the name means, how to use tact in expressing what you are reading
  • Week 4: Compatibility and comparison of numbers - life path, birthday number, Destiny number; how much weight to you put on each major number
  • Week 5: How numbers for life path, birthday, destiny interact with each other. What combination work well with each other. What combinations setup personalities that are more difficult to deal with
  • Week 6: Students practice on each other to gain experience doing readings, class discussion

If you have any further questions about our Numerology classes please feel free to ask!

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