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About Our Meditation classes ( Meditation I and Meditation II):

  • Six weeks in length
  • Two hours of class time per week
  • The cost is $150 per class

What can I expect to learn and be able to accomplish by taking your meditation classes?

  • The first step on the path to spiritual self-discovery
  • Learning to concentrate your mind
  • Breathing techniques to enhance your mental focus
  • Brings forth a feeling of well being
  • Total relaxation
  • Contact with higher consciousness

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What material does the Meditation I class cover?

  • Why is meditation important
  • The history of meditation - East & West
  • Proper breathing - why it is important
  • Quieting the monkey mind
  • Viewing thought as psychic energy
  • Mantras

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What material does the Meditation II class cover?

  • Multiple meditation techniques
  • Grounding yourself for meditation
  • How to incorporate meditation in everyday life
  • Inspiration of self-reflection
  • Meditation - the highest form of prayer
  • Psychic thought control
  • Words as vibrational energy
  • Principles of self-hypnotic induction

If you have any further questions about our Meditation classes please feel free to ask!

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