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This web page is intended to answer the most commonly asked questions that you may have regarding psychic readings, spiritual development classes, at our store, and the services that we provide. Please feel free to e-mail us, or telephone us at (248) 471-9724, if you have any questions that are not answered on this web page.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to other pages that deal with specific questions about psychic readings and spiritual development.

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I would like a psychic reading. How long is each reading? How much does it cost?
Each reading is usually 30 minutes in length. You can request a longer reading if you feel it is necessary. The cost is $50.00 per half hour.

What takes place during the psychic reading?
During a psychic reading the reader is communicating with the spirit realm. The messages that are received by the reader may come to them in a variety of possible ways. Communication can come as symbols, visual scenes, and/or auditory messages. Sometimes these messages are very distinct, at other times the messages serve as sign posts that lead without being specific. We are all here to experience life and figure out what we need, a psychic reading can at times give very specific directions as to where to take your life, at other times it may seem less specific. Sometimes our part of life's lesson is to take the direction that is given, and then to proceed on our path in life realizing that we have been given a direction to go.

During a psychic reading can I ask questions and add my comments as it proceeds?
First let the universe work through the psychic reader to see what messages are to be given to you. As points are made that are accurate, you can then ask questions and add comments as this can enhance your reading.

How much should I interact with the psychic reader during the psychic reading?
The psychic readers do need some feedback from you to verify that they are on the right track. That feedback may be just a simple yes or no response as the reading proceeds.

I would like to have more information about The Nirvana Institute and what you do. How do I get it?
You can call The Nirvana Institute at (248) 471-9724 if you have any questions. You are also welcome to come to our Friday Fun Fest which is a very informative evening event.

I have been to different psychic readers. How do I know your psychic readers can do what I need?
Start by asking questions to verify for yourself that the type of reading, and the specific psychic reader is a good fit for you. You should feel free to ask questions of any of our staff regarding the psychic reading that is to be given.

There are so many aspects to spiritual development. How do I know where to start?
We suggest that you come to our store, and talk to our staff to determine how we can best assist you. All of us have different desires as to the paths we wish to take in spiritual development. This is a question that needs to be thought about in detail, we are here to assist you in that process.

In the past I have had psychic experiences, but they occur randomly. How do I develop these experiences to make them happen when I want them to?
Our spiritual development classes can assist you in understanding the details about this process. We all are born with different levels of psychic talents and abilities. All that is necessary is to develop what we have been given. Each person learns at his/her own speed.

I have a lot of questions about the psychic and spiritual realm. I have asked a lot of different people many different questions. The answers to my questions tend to conflict each other. How do I know what is the right way?
Your common sense can be your best guide, even when it involves the psychic and spiritual realm. Everything in the world has a logical reason for working the way that it does. Ask questions, when you get answers they should have a feeling about them that lets you know they are right. There are good, and not so good, people in all aspects of life and in every occupation. Don't believe anything unless it rings true in your heart.

Tell me more about the Friday Fun Fest: How often does it occur, what subjects are covered, and can I request a specific subject?
The Friday Fun Fest occurs once a month, the 3rd Friday of the month. Each month will have a specific agenda that is to be covered. The goal of this night is to give an overview about specific topics, it is an open forum, and you can ask questions as we proceed. There will be a time set aside for questions relating to any topic along the psychic and spiritual side. Bring your questions and come to the Friday Fun Fest. You can request that specific topics be covered in an upcoming Friday Fun Fest. We will be taking a poll as to what everyone would like as future discussions.

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